Welcome to Supercub Norway and Duenger Airfield

Supercub Norway

Dealer and distributor for Backcountry Supercubs in Scandinavia and High Performance STOL aircraft kits

Supercub Aircrafts

At Supercub Norway we have one Supercub BOSS available for flight and Rev 2 ready to build.

Supercub Location

We are located at Nes, Hedmark in Norway. Just 1 hour north with train of Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

Supercub Experience

We've got almost a decade of experience within aviation field, systems and building supercubs. Supercub Norway have a wide range of contacts within avionics, EFI, Engine repair and overhaul

Supercub Marketplace

At our marketplace you can buy gears and kits for your supercub project. Contact us for pricing details

Duenger Airfield

At our farm we have our own airfield and hangar. Enjoy our 300m runway. Contact us for info